An annulment can be sought when there are conditions that exist which dictate the marriage should have never happened in the first place. While annulments are not always easy to obtain, picthey can be worthwhile to pursue under the right circumstances. Peter Flanagan is an experienced family law attorney in the state of California and would be happy to help you in your annulment case.

There are a variety of reasons that one can seek to have a marriage annulled. They fall into two general categories.

Void Marriages

A void marriage is one that should have never been allow to take place originally. One good example is in a case where one spouse was already legally married at the time of the wedding that is in question. Since bigamy is illegal in the state of California, the second marriage would be considered null and void. If the other partner was unaware of this situation at the time of the wedding, they may wish to request an annulment after learning of the situation.

Voidable Marriages

A voidable marriage is not illegal under the law of California, but it is one that has been entered into fraudulently. If one spouse has deceived the other in order to get married, the other spouse may which to annul the marriage after learning of the fraud. For example, one spouse may have told the other prior to the wedding that they wanted to have children. If, after the wedding, they express a desire to not have any children, this can be considered fraud. It will be up to the court to determine if an annulment is appropriate on a case by case basis.

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