While there are more emotional parts of a divorce, like child custody, the division of property is still an important aspect of the process that will have a serious impact on the rest of your Orange County Divorce Lawyerlife. If you were to lose a major portion of your property in a divorce, it could take years to recover what you have lost. By working with an experienced attorney such as Peter Flanagan you can ensure that your interests are protected and that you are given a fair day in court.

There are countless different things that could be considered assets within a marriage that need to be divided. Among them are the following items-

  • Cash and receivables
  • Businesses
  • Real property
  • Collectibles
  • Cars, boats, etc.
  • Houses
  • Investments, stocks, bonds
  • Retirement plans

Property that has been acquired since the beginning of a marriage is typically considered to be community property, and therefore open to division between the two parties. Things that were possessed before a marriage, or obtained after the separation, may be disregarded from the process of dividing property fairly.

While the idea of dividing property is a pretty simple one, the actual practice of completing the division is usually quite complex. By having an experience attorney on your side, you can be sure that all possible avenues are pursued to protect what is rightfully yours. Call our office today to receive a free consultation and get started working on your case. We look forward to working together with you soon.