Experience when it comes to practicing family law in the state of California is something that cannot be replaced. Family law cases are very often hotly contested and argued mostly on thepic testimonies of the related parties. Because of the nature of family law, there is very rarely much physical evidence upon which to argue. A quality attorney like Peter Flanagan is able to determine the best coarse of action in a family law case and position his clients for the best chance at a favorable outcome.

Peter Flanagan is available for providing mentoring services and even trial support to other attorneys in the state of California. For attorneys that are less experienced than Mr. Flanagan, or attorneys that simply want another knowledgeable mind working on a trial, these services can be invaluable. Whether you are getting ready for a big case, or are already in the middle of it and want another opinion, Peter Flanagan would be happy to assist.

Call our office today to ask about the attorney mentoring and trial support services offered by Peter Flanagan. We look forward to hearing from you soon.