If you are due child support or spousal support payments and have not been receiving them, you need to act quickly in order to enforce the terms of your agreement. A qualified Enforcement of Support OrdersCalifornia family law attorney will be able to present the facts of the case to a family court judge. The judge can issue a contempt of court against the other party, and that person could face possible jail time if the situation is not rectified. Peter Flanagan is experienced within California courts and will help you navigate this process quickly and easily.

While child support and spousal support payments being missed are the most common reason to seek enforcement, there are others as well.

  • Failure to maintain health insurance as ordered by court
  • Refusal to disclose assets
  • Failure to pay off marital debts as ordered by court

You are legally entitled to the support that has been decided on by a judge in a divorce proceeding. If you are not receiving that money, or it is coming late, you need to take action to defend your rights. Calling our office today will provide you with a free consultation into the specifics of your case. Peter Flanagan would be proud to represent you and make sure that all of your rights and best interests are protected.