Custody AttorneyPossibly the most difficult part of any divorce or separation is dealing with the living situation of the children involved. No matter what the issues are between the spouses, no one wants to see the lives of the children adversely affected. Unfortunately, the parents often disagree on what is best for the child and the courts need to get involved to make a determination of what is the best resolution. If you are heading to court to work out custody or visitation issues, retain the services of Peter Flanagan to represent your interests.

There are a wide range of determining factors to be considered when assigning custody and visitation rights in any family law case. Among the most important elements are -

  • Which parent has been the main care provider
  • Criminal history of either of the parents
  • Living situation of both parents
  • Lifestyle of both parents
  • Capacity of either parent to care for the child/children

Before a custody or visitation case goes before a court in California, it will first be heard by Family Court Services. Usually, attorneys are not allowed to attend these hearings, but you can receive valuable direction before going to your hearing from a qualified attorney. If that mediation process does not yield a satisfactory result, the case will be sent to the courts.

By carefully documenting and being able to prove all instances of your care for the child, you will improve your chances of a favorable outcome in this case. Contact our offices right away to get started on a free consultation and putting together your arguments. With stakes as serious as access to your children, you will not want to waste any time in getting prepared.