The idea of Limited Scope Representation is one that is new to the court systems of California. In the past, an attorney was responsible for all aspects of a case that involved their client, therefore opening them up to potential punishments if the picentire case was not handled correctly. Because of this, some attorneys were unwilling to take on cases in which the client only wished to be represented for one specific portion. Often, a client could not afford to pay an attorney to handle their entire case so they would simply go without representation. The result was messy court hearings that were filled with mistakes and many individuals not being able to properly argue for themselves.

With Limited Scope Representation, many of those problems are resolved. By using LSR, an attorney can sign on to represent a client for a very specific portion of their case. This keeps the cost down for the client, and limits the liability for the attorney. An agreement is signed upfront which outlines what the attorney will be helping with, and clearly defines the scope of the services. With that in place, a client is able to consult the attorney on any areas where they feel that they need help, without accruing the bill that can come with complete representation. If at anytime the client decides to retain the attorney for the entire case, that change can be made.

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