Many of the judgments made in family law cases, things like child support and alimony payments, are based on the current status of the parties involved. Over time, people’s Orange County Divorce Attorneysituations change and the judgments may no longer be as fair as they once were. If you are wanting to request a post-judgement modification, or argue against one, contact Peter Flanagan today. Mr. Flanagan is an experienced California family law attorney and will fight hard for your best interests.

Most commonly, a change in earning power is the catalyst for a judgment modification. Some possible scenarios are highlighted below.

Spouse paying child support has increased income.

Since child support payments are based in part on the earnings of the individual making the payments, it stands to reason that the payments should be adjusted along with the increase in earnings. If you are receiving payments that you believe to be too low based on the other parties current earnings, you can file for a post-judgment modification to have a legal review of the payment situation.

Spouse receiving alimony is working and earning a livable wage.

If one spouse in a divorce proceeding is not working, spousal support (alimony) may be required from the working spouse in order to support the other. If the spouse receiving payments begins working and is earning enough to support themselves, those payments may no longer be necessary. If you would like the court to review the payment structure and seek a reduction or elimination of the payments you are making, contact our office and ask about how to proceed.

Post-judgment modifications are common in family law and necessary for the system to work properly. You should not have to live with an arrangement that no longer makes sense for the current situation. We will be happy to offer you a free consultation when you call our office. Get started today and you can have a modification hearing sooner than you think.