The idea of collaborative divorce is a fairly new one that has gained popularity in recent years. It can be described as a more formal type of uncontested divorce, in which the parties agree picto keep the proceeding out of the courts. Agreeing to a collaborative divorce requires the retention of an attorney for both parties, and you will want to find one that specializes in family law. Peter Flanagan is a California attorney with experience in divorce proceedings and would be proud to represent you in this process.

How It Works

There is an agreement that both parties must sign before beginning the process of a collaborative divorce. The agreement highlights five basic principals that will need to be adhered to by all involved.

  1. The current lawyers will not litigate the case. If the collaborative process fails, each party must retain new lawyers before any litigation can take place.
  2. Neither party will attempt to take advantage of mistakes by the other.
  3. All pertinent information will be fully disclosed with no attempts at misleading the other party
  4. Everything that is said in a settlement meeting is kept strictly confidential
  5. Everyone will behave with courtesy and in good faith

The idea behind a collaborative divorce is to keep the process civil and limit the emotional damage to all involved. If both parties are willing to act in a responsible and mature manner, it can be a great option to settle a divorce without the animosity that comes from a court hearing.

Peter Flanagan would be happy to work with you in a collaborative divorce. If you call our offices today we will offer you a free consultation and outline the steps you would need to take in order to start this process. We look forward to your call.