Determining the true identity of the biological father of a child can have major ramifications on the future of all parties involved. Not only does a biological father have parental rights (visitation or custody), they also have parental responsibilities pic(child support payments). Peter Flanagan can help you wade through a paternity hearing regardless of which side of the case you are on. Contact our office today to ask for a free consultation and get started on the paternity case.

There are generally two situations in which a paternity suit will be filed.

Biological Mother Seeking Child Support

In a situation where an individual is refusing to pay child support because he denies that he is the biological father, a mother may bring a paternity suit. This suit could require the individual to take a paternity test to determine if he is in fact the father. If the test confirms paternity, the individual can be required to pay child support under California law.

Biological Father Seeking Visitation or Custody

A man who is being denied the right to see a child that he believes to be his can file a paternity suit to try and gain access to the child. The suit can allow for a legal test to be administered that will establish the paternity of the child once and for all. If the man is confirmed to be the father, he may be able to successfully file for legal visitation or even custody of the child.

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